Monday, January 21, 2013

Make your message irresistible

With the inundation of available products and information on the market today, you will have approximately three seconds — yes, three seconds — to hook a buyer’s interest and keep him or her reading. Fortunately, there are ways to breach this barrier and keep the consumer riveted to your message.

• Passion.
Remember when you were choosing the topic for your product? Personal interest was a key element in that decision-making product. Now that you have a topic you believe in, let that passion show in your autoresponder messages. Mention those aspects of your product you find particularly fascinating and give them your personal endorsement.

• Write casual.
Make your message read the way a conversation in a restaurant would sound. Big words might impress some people, but most of them just want to know what you have to say and they aren’t going to rush to the dictionary in the middle of reading your message to find out what you’re talking about. Use short sentences and keep it straightforward and direct. Don’t be afraid to use contractions instead of the more proper two word phrases. Do, however, make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. You want to seem friendly, not sloppy.

• Be personal.
You are writing a message that will be read by thousands of people, one at a time. Each person who opens your message is an individual, and will be far more at ease if you address them as a person rather than a piece of the collective public. Use the word “you” as often as possible, and limit the use of “I.” You don’t want to tell them why you’re so great. You want them to know how purchasing your product will benefit them, and why they should part with their hard-earned money to hear what you have to say.

• Eliminate extra words.
As previously mentioned, keep your message simple and clear. If you have an “effective web site marketing technique,” don’t say it’s a “wonderfully amazing, mind-blowing web site marketing extravaganza method.” No one wants to try and cut through all the fluff and hype to try and decode your message. It’s also annoying.

• Use decisive language.
Try to use action verbs whenever possible— this means replacing as many instances of “are,” “is,” “was,” and “were” in your message with stronger wording. For example: instead of writing “If your website has been languishing with low sales, this program might be able to help your business grow,” say: “Your web site sales will increase dramatically with this program.” Write your messages with the confidence that your product is worth paying for, and your subscribers will be more comfortable buying.

• Give reasons and incentives.
Don’t be afraid to repeat the benefits of your product throughout your message. Just as repetitive contact is effective in converting prospects to buyers, repetitive reminders of benefits — without bludgeoning people over the head with them — can reinforce everything they stand to gain from a purchase. Also, reveal some of the information in your product within your marketing message without giving everything away, and then state that even more exciting information can be found when you purchase a product.

Driving Traffic into Your Landing Page

Driving traffic into your landing page – it sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, it's not. And no matter how great your landing page is, it wont matter if no one ever reads it. Furthermore, if everyone in the world other than your target audience reads it, it also wont matter. This is why you need to find media through which you can drive targeted visitors to your landing page.

One way in which you can drive traffic to your landing page is through natural search engine optimization. This is the slowest process, but it is also one of the best ways to ensure a continually increasing stream of traffic over time.

Generating natural search engine traffic generally entails getting links to your site. While reciprocal linking was once the best strategy, experts now believe that major search engines are devaluing reciprocal links in favor of one-way links and triangular links (which search engines can't really detect).

Another way in which to get natural search engine traffic is by optimization your website for certain key phrases. You can do this by creating pages that specifically focus on one keyword on your given niche. You can then set the page extension to that keyword and optimize the content at a 1.5% density for that keyword. You will also want to use it in header and title tags.

Now, in addition building natural search engine traffic, you will want to consider using pay per click advertising. You can do this by opening an account with Google Adwords.

As mentioned earlier, successful Google Adwords campaigns do two things: they group keywords into multiple, small, related groups – and they send leads to multiple, tweaked landing pages.

This means you will have to start with some careful keyword research; and you will then have to alter your landing pages to match that research. These are some of the most commonly used tools for driving traffic to a landing page; however, they are not always the most effective.

Now, both of those methods can be effective, but they both usually have rather high barriers to entry and require a lot of work.

Luckily, you do have another option: human connections. And this is where most Internet marketers fail. They don't realize the power of human connections because they are so caught up in the idea of making transactions and collecting massive checks without having to deal with customers and clients.

One quick way to get traffic through human connections is a joint venture. You can enter into a joint venture by compiling a list of possible “partners” -- or people who might be able to assist you in some mutually-beneficial way. This list might include other list owners in your niche, site owners in your niche, and experts.

There's only one important thing you should keep in mind when contacting joint venture partners – and that is to make it as quick, easy, and beneficial for them as possible. If they have no incentive for doing it, they probably wont even reply to you. And if it isn't easy, they'll accept other joint venture offers over yours.

Another way in which you can drive traffic to your landing page is through blog and forum posting; however, it is important that you do not spam, as many businesses do. Instead, actually participate on the forum, provide people with something of value; and, after a while, post your product in your signature – and try to network with people on the forum who work in similar fields.

Your approach to blog posting should be similar. Include a signature file that links back to your landing page, but don't spam. Instead, post useful comments. This is not only more ethical, but it is plainly more effective. Spam gets deleted. Good comments get praised, inducing people to follow your link and check out your products.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Listen to Your List and Reap the Rewards

I know what to sell to them because they tell me what they want. I know when my websites suck or look plain ugly because I ask them. I know what they're interested in buying, the most effective headlines and language to use when typing out ads in relation to my list, who are in effect my target market. So you see, we're promoting not just for profit, but to learn valuable lessons at the same time. Your list provides as much useful data as your advert tracking, no matter how small. This Is your key to developing a successful business that is aimed at your target market, and creating a sales system that works, not just in your eyes, but in the eyes of the people that are most important to you. And that's your customer, the person who at the end of the day is going to make you a whole lot of money if treated right.

So here's the deal. Ask. Don't feel stupid about sending out mails to your list that aren't adverts, or that might seem like random babble to you. To them, not only will they feel closer to you personally, no matter what technique you use, (which in turn will have them reading more often) but it'll give you really important results about you newest product, your website or even an idea that you have for a product that you'd like feedback on before you even start. Use your list in this way.

Promote to learn, not to make a profit, and you'll end up with far more cash at the end of the year than if you just assume, guess or don't bother (Which seems to be many marketers out there). Don't be one of them. Get the knowledge you need to succeed from your customers before they even hand you their money. It works wonders for you, your reputation, your knowledge and your pockets. Ask your list if you're not sure. It's so powerful that it'd be a complete waste if not utilized properly. If you're right, great, go for it. If you're wrong, your list will tell you so, great again. You can fix it and pocket the cash at the same time. I can't think of a fairer deal than that. Keep it in mind. Your list is more than a bunch of names. It's a bunch of opinions, and real important ones at that.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Write a Landing Page that Converts

Most people have no (or simply the slightest) idea how to write a landing page that converts. Instead, they slop together elements that they have seen used in other landing pages – but usually do not put them together in the same way the owner of the successful landing page did.

One major problem is copy. And that's fine. Not everyone is going to be an excellent writer – never mind a copywriter. But as someone selling a product or trying to build a list, it is important that you know your strengths and weaknesses – and that you either spend the time to overcome them or hire someone else to do it for you.
With copywriting, for instance, it is important to use a mix of compelling sales points with powerful psychological triggers. Most people who create a sales page miss either one or both of those elements.
For instance, they might concentrate so much on building hype that they don't actually explain what solution they are providing – and for whom they are providing it. If I don't have a specific problem that your product solves, why would I buy it? I wouldn't.

Now, if they fail to sprinkle in psychological triggers, such as “scientifically proven,” “guaranteed,” and “shocking,” no one will feel compelled to continue reading, as the benefits will have a low or average perceived value.

In addition to these two problems, some sales pages lack coherency and direction. The copy looks amateurish and it doesn't slowly grind forward, breaking down the visitor's resistance to the sale – and compelling him or her to buy more and more at each sales point.

Additionally, if there aren't multiple calls to action – another form of psychological trigger – then a potential visitor might never feel compelled enough to pull out his or her credit card on the spot and make the purchase.
In addition to careful copywriting, there are other important things you must take into consideration when writing a landing page that converts. For instance, it is important to build a compelling case for a time-bound offer.

Now, this doesn't mean you have to invent fake deadlines and constantly revise them each week. This is a good way to guarantee your complete loss of credibility in the shortest amount of time possible.
However, when planning your copy, you will want to make sure that you constantly urge the reader to act immediately by inserting a number of “calls to action,” as I've mentioned previously.
You may want to consider using fly-ins or pop-ups to create more urgency – or to make a time-bound offer. Perhaps you can use a countdown to build urgency (i.e., when someone arrives at your landing page, they have five minutes to purchase the product at the lowest price).

If you're creating a squeeze page, you might want to employ slightly different tactics. Rather than building a compelling case with multiple triggers and calls to action over the course of 1000 words, you may want to simply condense that all into a compelling headline and one paragraph of “benefits.”

For a completely free-to-join squeeze page, you more than likely wont have a considerable amount of resistance to joining, unless the visitor:
a) Doesn't see any benefits; and
b) Suspects that you will sell their email address to spammers.

Both of these problems are relatively easy to overcome. In your headline, simply state the exact benefits they will receive for joining – as always, mixing in psychological triggers.
In your first paragraph of copy, give them a compelling reason to join now (i.e., the price might go up, the list might become private, you'll get this amazing report).

Now, to overcome the second problems, simply include a short line under your opt-in form that explains that you will not – under any circumstances – spam them or sell or give away their email address and name.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Building a strong relationship with your readers

The relationship you build with your list is where the real gold is.

Sure, just having a list is better than nothing, but the people making money hand over fist with their list are the people who have built a relationship with them.
How do you do this? Get personal, but not too personal - Make sure it is still interesting to somebody who would subscribe to your list.

For instance, let's say you have a list of golfers because you sell golf products. Tell them about experiences on the golf course, funny, stupid, or educational -stuff they can relate to as they are golfers and have probably done things very similar.

Try to relate to them as best you can. People want to know that there are others out there just like them. When they find out that you are just another person out in the world with the same experiences they are having, it becomes a lot easier for them to trust you.

It's all about getting each subscriber into your life.
This should be a huge focus of your list.

And if you really want to have an incredibly responsive list, then do these three things, in this order:
1) Build a relationship with them.
2) Educate them with quality content.
3) Promote good quality products that you believe in to them.

Doing this is a win-win for everybody.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Benefits Of Article Marketing

The reason article marketing is a very much sought after tool for enhancing traffic to a site is in the effectiveness of this tool. It has been noted that writing and distributing articles is among the most effective methods of generating traffic to a site.

Actively looking for online publishers and article submission sites to post an individual’s article is the best way to instantly direct huge amounts of visitors to a site.
If the host site already has a huge traffic listing from subscribers then this subscriber list is then made accessible by the interest generated from the listed article.

Benefits gained from a well written, accurate, and credible article should not be underestimated. Visitors to the site who read and find the information both reliable and interesting will be impressed enough to form a loyal following thus contributing to establishing the good reputation of the writer.

Establishing the ever valuable links to the site because of the article marketed is another benefit this tool brings about. The more links formed the better the interest in the site because of the possible visits encouraged.

This then attracts the attention of the search engines that are constantly monitoring the rankings and adjusting them accordingly. Higher ranking positions are made possible through the popularity of article marketing.

Another benefit of the article marketing tool is that it is viewed as a pre sale feature. Hard selling tactics at the onset is not always very viable and sometimes even works against the desired effect to garner a sale, thus the article marketing tool works as an effective introduction and allows the visitor to make a more informed decision regarding the merits of the article’s subject.
The reoccurring traffic flow to the site is also another benefit if the article marketing is done correctly. Keeping the information constantly updated as encouraged.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tips To Avoid Ruining Your Chance With Affiliate Marketing

Why do you have far more persons screwing up in internet affiliate marketing in comparison with succeeding inside them? The response lies in they will doing lots of widespread blunders that may be definitely avoided. Among the leading blunders of brand new affiliates can be too little study which market to a target or even these people merely don't know what concentrating on a niche definitely implies.

Key word study can be excellent nevertheless could possibly be incomplete, as although it notifies you information regarding industry in addition to exactly how the idea fights to niche categories, the idea nevertheless does not coloring an entire photo. One wonderful way is always to examine upward best-selling books in addition to publications targeted to the supposed area of interest to be aware of who most of these clients are usually in addition to what answers these people are searching for. Inappropriate area of interest could make you fake internet connections that are certainly the supreme means for company failure in addition to company risk.

As they say 'the cash is the list' so creating a list is usually a vital component of any kind of internet affiliate marketing plan. Carry out just remember to have a very guide get system like a website landing page that gives a free eBook or even any situation that may profit them. To create that list correctly, you'll need the autoresponder to deal with most of these acquaintances instantly.

Whilst creating a list is very important, you will need a while to build the clients list. Many new situations, entrepreneurs who come across such efforts as well cumbersome may just throw in the towel both were developing a checklist or even the business enterprise completely. The actual effective professional who believes the facility of the list can never give up in addition to keep creates the idea.

A different widespread miscalculation brand new affiliate’s make seriously isn't accomplishing ample to come up with targeted traffic. It's not ample that will put upward a few banners or even internet marketer inbound links or even create a few posts. Do not forget that having natural internet search engine may eventual crank out plenty of free site visitors aimed at your website. Adequate targeted traffic could pave method in bringing in a lot of on the internet sales in addition to output concurrently.

Moreover, with efficient internet affiliate marketing tools could possibly be among the finest solutions to produce big quality targeted traffic on your area of interest. An individual should also adhere to a regular marketing and advertising approach in addition to abide by it regularly including PAID ADVERTISING marketing and advertising strategies, URL making, blogging post syndication, website article only to label a few.


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